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June 2006 - May 2008


Microsoft Unlimited Potential Grant.


Pact has entered into a partnership with Microsoft for the Microsoft: Building Security through Computing in Cambodia Project. The purpose of this 24-month project is to enhance the computer competence of NGOs that work with women at risk of trafficking by providing training in the Microsoft curriculum through public access computer centers (Community Information Centers-CICs). The project will also pilot computer literacy as a potential anti-trafficking tool with at risk women in year two.

Currently, there are an estimated 100 NGOs in Cambodia working directly with women at risk. The capacity within a majority of these NGOs to fully utilize computers in support of organizational excellence is limited as is their ability to use computer literacy as a tool in their anti-trafficking work.

Within 24 months, an estimated 150 NGOs (100 NGOs working with at risk women and 50 indirectly working with at risk women) will have more than 557 staff directly trained through the Microsoft curriculum; staff of 7 NGO CICs will be prepared to support use of the Microsoft curriculum in their local areas and 10 women will have participated in a pilot to assess the feasibility of basic computer literacy training for women at risk of trafficking.

WORTH, Microsoft Approach


  1. To increase the computer literacy skills of NGOs that work with at risk women

  2. To establish a network of NGO staff to train and support NGOs that work with at risk women

  3. To seed computer literacy as a viable contributor to economic security for at risk women


  1. To train staff of Cambodian NGOs that work with at risk women to serve as trainers utilizing the Microsoft curriculum

  2. To increase the computer literacy of NGOs that work with at risk women

  3. To increase the number of public access NGO Computer Centers teaching the Microsoft curriculum

  4. To pilot a methodology for developing computer literacy with at risk women based on the Microsoft curriculum

 Achievements to Date

I. Training of Trainers (ToT) on Computer Skills:

Pact Cambodia provided ToTs through a subcontract with Information Computer School (ICS) to NGOs working on anti-trafficking women. The ToT focused on six components of the Microsoft computer curriculum:

  1. Computer Fundamentals;

  2. Internet and World Wide Web Fundamentals;

  3. Word Processing Fundamentals;

  4. Presentation Fundamentals;

  5. Database Fundamentals;

  6. Spreadsheet Fundamentals

At present, 153 individuals (35 women) of 50 NGOs working on anti-trafficking, attended the Training of Trainers on Computer Skills.

II. Echo-Training by Community Information Center (CIC):

Two NGO partners, Buddhism For Development & Khmer Institute of Democracy, have provided training on Computer Skills with the six components of Microsoft curriculum at 7CICs to NGOs working on anti-trafficking of women. The 7 CICs are located in Battambang, Bantey Meanchey, Pailin, Siem Reap, Kampong Cham, Kratie, and Svay Rieng provinces.

To date, total of 525 individuals (238 women) from 156 NGOs participated in the first and second sessions of computer training skills that were provided by staff of CICs. In addition, 2,511 individuals have used computers to access information at 7 CIC's.

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