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Mainstreaming Anti-Corruption for Equity Program

Corruption is endemic and pervasive in Cambodia.  It impacts all aspects of life, from the plundering of natural resources to the “tea money” children give to their teachers at the beginning of every school day. 

The hundreds of millions of dollars that the government loses annually to corruption has a negative impact on public service delivery. The adverse effects of corruption on the business community – weakening competition, deterring investors, increasing costs – inhibit private sector growth and job creation.  A 2006 study by the Economic Institute of Cambodia determined that the businesses paid, on average, 2.8% of their turnover in unofficial fees, approximately US$330 million in 2005.  A recent report by The Asia Foundation determined that decreasing unofficial fees has the potential to yield a 21% increase in firm labor growth, which would help tackle Cambodia’s high and growing unemployment among youth.

The MAE project takes an integrated approach to tackling the complex challenge of corruption in Cambodia.  By working with a variety of stakeholders – the government, civil society groups, donors, and the private sector – we are able to maximize the impact of our awareness raising and behavior change activities.


Increase political will to develop and implement effective solutions to the problem of corruption in Cambodia.


  • Assist the government in drafting anti-corruption and freedom of information legislation that meets international standards and provide support during implementation once these laws are passed.

  • Increase the involvement of Cambodia’s private sector in fighting corruption, particularly through the Clean Business Initiative.

  • Inform the debate on corruption in Cambodia through quality research, analysis, and IEC materials

  • Build on the success of the "Clean Hand" campaign in raising the awareness and resolve of Cambodians to take a stance against corrupt practices, especially with the Saat Saam (“Corruption-Free”) website.

  • Develop transparency and watchdog mechanisms around expected resource inflows from the extractive industry sector.

  • Work with Pact’s Local Administration and Reform Program to increase sustainable mechanisms for monitoring accountability, transparency and good governance at the commune level.


March 2007 - September 2010




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The Mainstreaming Anti-Corruption for Equity Program builds on the achievements of Pact's previous Anti-Corruption Coordinated Action Program.


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