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HIV/AIDS Program

Our Target Population

People engaging in high risk behavior such as Entertainment Worker (EWs) and Men who have Sex with Men (MSM); including their partners and sweethearts, People living with HIV (PLHIV); poor fishing community, Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and construction workers.

Our products and services

  • Institutional Development and  Capacity Building:  strengthening the capacity to local organizations, institutions and community based organization (CBOs) since 1991.

  • Care and Support:  Promoting better health care for improving living standard of PLHIV since 2002.

  • IEC/BCC materials development and publication: Developing IEC/ BCC materials relating to HIV prevention, care and support since 2002.

  • The Living wills: Developing for protecting the properties of OVC at risk families since 2005.        

  • Prevention and Intervention:   HIV prevention interventions with Most At-Risk Populations (MARPs) since 2007.

Collaboration: The National AIDS Authority (NAA), the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STDs (NCHADS), Ministry of Public Work and Transport( MPWT), Ministry Rural Development( MRD)  and twenty of other international and local NGOs.


  • U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

  • Pfizer Foundation

  • Community Rapid and Effective Action Combating HIV/AIDS( Community REACH)

  • Chevron Overseas Petroleum (Cambodia) Limited (COPCL)

  • World Bank

Program Activities and Achievements

Since 2002, Pact Cambodia HIV/AIDS Program supported and strengthened the institutional capacity of two Networks such as Cambodian People Living with HIV/AIDS Network (CPN+) for improving the quality of life of People living with HIV (PLHIV) and their support groups; and the HIV/AIDS Coordinating Committee (HACC) for improving their knowledge and skills in order to address the needs of its members.

In July 2004, Pact Cambodia in collaboration with NCHADS organized a launch on Diflucan Partnership Programme in Cambodia with relevant stakeholders and media.  Through this Programme, Diflucan® (fluconazole), Pfizer’s anti-fungal medication, will be provided free of charge through government health facilities to Cambodians living with HIV/AIDS and who are diagnosed with cryptococcal meningitis and oesophageal candidiasis. These two fungal conditions are commonly associated with HIV/AIDS, causing life-threatening complications for patients with depleted immune systems.

HIV Prevention Interventions with Most At-Risk Populations (MARPs)

In responding to the growing of AIDS epidemic, Pact Cambodia has provided funding and technical support to ten local NGO partners to implement the HIV prevention program with the aim of reducing the new case of HIV infection among people at risk behavior including men who have sex with men (MSM), entertainment workers (EW) and their sexual partners (casual partners and sweetheart).

There are 12 drop in centers for providing education, counseling and referral to VCCT, STI clinic and Continuum of Care, targeted condom service outlets had 1,236 places; over 11,134 individuals participating in HIV/AIDS prevention community outreach and more than 14,819 individuals referred to local health services for VCCT, STI, OI and ART how ever they utilized VCCT, STI, OI and ART services only 4,828 people. Moreover, 5,630 individuals were trained related to HIV/AIDS prevention, stigma and discrimination reduction, community mobilization for prevention, care and treatment. Pact Cambodia has developed a behavior change  public forum  and drama show to integrate prevention messages on drug use/injecting drugs , reducing stigma and discrimination toward MSM  and EW from communities, and reducing  the risk behaviors by using condom all the time during casual sex and sex with sweethearts.

TB-HIV Prevention and Treatment for At–Risk Groups and PLHIV

Pact Cambodia launched the TB-HIV Prevention and Treatment for at risk groups and PLHIV and work closely with CENAT, NAA, KWCD, and SHV-CPN+ to develop 5,600 copies of booklet entitled “PLHIV and TB Treatment”   which focus  on increasing knowledge and skills among PLHIV and at-risk groups on TB and HIV prevention and treatment and Improved health conditions for PLHIV and at-risk groups that seek health services for TB and HIV-related Conditions. There are 12 individuals from KWCD and SHV-CPN+ able to provide echo-training to PLHIV and Poor fishing community related to TB and HIV prevention and treatment booklet. There are 434 fishermen and 108 PLHIV educated on "TB / HIV prevention and treatment"

This project represents a bold movement that is sweeping across the globe called Corporate Social Responsibility of Chevron in establishing a social license to operate through corporate community engagement in Cambodia.

HIV/AIDS Education and Capacity Building for Transport Project 

Pact Cambodia is working closely with MPWT through Road Asset Management Program (RAMP) organized a one day official launch on HIV and HIV and Transport Toolkit Pilot Project on the Road Asset Management Project (RAMP).

The toolkit called “Road to Good Health” has already been drafted by the World Bank and it needs to be adapted into Cambodia context.  The three primary target populations for the toolkit are construction workers, community residents in project-affected areas, and sex workers. Additional target group includes project managers and supervisors responsible for execution of these projects: World Bank managers, Ministry of Public Works and Transport (or equivalent) managers, and contractor mangers. The Road to Good Health includes specific short-term, intermediate and long-term outcomes for managers and supervisors, HIV trainers, and members of target populations.  Promoting better health care and support for PLHIV and care gives

Pact Cambodia has received financial support from Pfizer foundation to carry out this project through CPN+ for improving the delivery of demand-driven health care services with and to PHIV. Provided  four ToT training courses  on how to strengthen the PHIV role as advocates, caregiver and implementers of best practice identified in the toolkits with up to 100 health care providers, community based care provider and PHIV in Phnom Penh, Takeo, Kandal and Kampong Cham province. There were 39 Community forums organized with 9,750 participants in these forums.

Strengthening Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programs in Cambodia (SOVCP)

The objective of this program is to promote community support for decreasing social vulnerabilities and in increasing coping mechanisms for orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS. The program enable the most vulnerable People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) families to better plan for their children’s future in terms of education, community integration and financial security with an emphasis on the preparation of inheritance documents. 285 PLHIV families have developed living wills,  568 PLHIV families  have prepared plans for their children’s future; 130 donation boxes placed in pagodas or public areas for fundraising which has  $3,915collected from the donation boxes. Moreover 3,127 OVC received education on hygiene, nutrition and stigma and discrimination reduction. 2,674 OVC families received education on planning for their children’s future, 858 OVC referred to attend local schools and 853 OVC referred to receive local health services.  950 PLHIV families who received education on stigma & discrimination and 30 cases of discrimination reported to local authorities by partner organizations to solving theses problem.

Informational, Educational and Communication (IEC) and Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Materials Development by and for PLHIV and their Caregivers

Pact Cambodia is working closely with National HIV/AIDS IEC working group and Legal and Policy Working group to develop IEC materials for HIV prevention, care and support 424,362 copies were published  and 393,480 copies were distributed to the nationwide of various IEC/BCC materials such as   Self Care Booklet: Positive Experiences in Self-Care, For You and Your Family. This booklet was the first IEC material developed by and for PHIV in Cambodia; Anti- Retroviral (ARVs) Booklet: My Health, My Family's Future in collaboration with HACC, CPN+ and PHIV. This was the first ARV booklet in Cambodia and Pact's Pfizer program coordinated approval of the content with major ARV programs in Cambodia, donors that invest in ARV programs, INGOs, Cambodian NGOs, Government agencies and PHIV; OIs treatment Booklet (both modern and traditional treatment): Helping Yourself to Have Better Health the booklet designed to educates PHIV on how to treat symptoms of Opportunistic Infections; PHIV Rights Booklet: We Participate Together for Our Safely and Society this simple publication is designed to educate all citizens about the rights of PHIV and promote lives for PHIV by reducing stigma and discrimination; Future Children Planning Booklet: For my Children's Future provided information and resources available for parents with HIV to planning for their children's future; My Success Story Booklet: This booklet shares the best practice of PLHIV in the community; PLHA are delighted to get community support : This poster shows the community support to PLHA and reduce stigma and discrimination; and People living with HIV and Tuberculosis Treatment: This booklet provide information on health care and TB/HIV treatment services for PLHA , they can access services on time. To learn more about the HIV/AIDS project, please visit our video, which can be viewed in English or Khmer.

Living with Positive life in Khmer Language Version


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